A local community college has a problem with retention of students. The community college has done some preliminary research and found out that students feel disconnected and do not know what is going on with their course schedules, degree programs, and options. The community college’s board of directors has decided through the use of a consultant that a mobile phone application that runs on Apple and Android smartphones is the best strategy to help with the perceived feeling of being  ‘disconnected’  by the students. You are in charge of coming up with a solution, essentially the application and making sure that this is going to be integrated with the school’s information systems  (none  are specified, so make some assumptions) which is going to provide students with information.

What are some of the basic features that you would put in the application?

How can you measure the potential success of the program before it is implemented?

Who are your stakeholders in the project and how can they be useful to you in answering the question of whether or not they would use the program?

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Course: Software Construction – Discussion 3

Java was one of the first languages to introduce a robust exception handling mechanism. All Java exceptions can be categorized into two buckets: Checked exceptions and Unchecked exceptions. Checked exceptions are those checked by the compiler to make sure that either that a programmer has provided an exception handler to handle the exception or at the least reclaimed that the checked exception can happen. On the other hand, unchecked exceptions are not checked by the compiler.

For a number of years, there has been a debate about the benefits and liabilities of checked exceptions. The signature of every method would list all of the exceptions that it could pass to its caller. But programmers questions whether are even necessary for writing robust software. In fact the creators of C#, Ruby and Python did away with checked exceptions.

Research the Internet on this topic and discuss the benefits and limitations of having checked exceptions and provide your informed opinion on this.

Journal Reflection

Review the chapter from this week’s lesson and provide a 1-2 page summary reflecting on how content from it can be used in your professional career.

Your writeup should include:

1. Title Page [separate page]

2. Content

3. References

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Word Chapter 4 Grader Project [Homework 1] (Chapter Capstone Exercise)

Step Instructions Point Value
1 Download and open the file named exploring_w04_grader_h1_Retirement.docx, and save it as exploring_w04_grader_h1_Retirement_LastFirst.docx. 0
2 Ensure that the markup view is All Markup. Review the comments. On the second page, reject the replacement of the two words “NOW” to lowercase. 6
3 Accept all other tracked changes in the document and stop tracking. Keep all comments. 4
4 Change all headings to the correct heading styles as per the comments left by your partner. 6
5 Reply to the first comment by typing I have made the style replacement. (include the period.) 4
6 Select the table on page 2, and insert the caption text to read Table 1: The Future Value of Money (no period). Make sure the caption displays above the selected item. Center the caption. 6
7 Assign the caption Table 2: Comparisons between a Traditional and a Roth IRA for the next table, as instructed in the comments. Center the caption. 6
8 Select the APA Sixth Edition style. Click before the period at the end of the first sentence of the 403(b) Plans section. The sentence ends in(TSA) plan. Insert the following Web site citation:

Name of Web Page: Choosing a Retirement Plan: 403(b) Tax-Sheltered Annuity Plan
Name of Web Site: IRS
Year: 2014
Month: October
Day: 08

9 Click before the period ending the first sentence of the 401(K)section. The sentence ends with at their workplace. Insert the following Web site citation:

Name of Web Page: 401(k) Plans
Name of Web Site: IRS
Year: 2014
Month: October
Day: 14

10 For the first table, replace the Source URL with the following Web site citation:

Name of Web Page: The Future Value of Money
Name of Web Site: IRS
Year: 2014
Month: October
Day: 14

11 Insert a footnote on page 2 at the end of the table heading in the Introduction section (the first line of the table), which ends with 6% annual return. Type the following for the footnote: The calculation did not take into consideration the cost of living adjustment (COLA). (Do not include the period.) Change the number format for footnotes to a, b, c in the Footnotes dialog box. (Click Apply, not Insert.) 6
12 Insert a blank page at the end of the report and insert a bibliography with the title Works Cited. The bibliography should be double-spaced with no paragraph spacing before or after. 6
13 Format the bibliography with a font of Times New Roman and a font size of 12 pt. Center the Works Cited title. All text in the body of the bibliography should be Black, Text 1 font color. Ensure that no text is bold. 6
14 Create a table of contents, with an Automatic Table 1 style, on a new page positioned between the cover page and the current page 2. 6
15 Mark the following words as index entries, selecting Mark All for each: Contribution, Roth IRA, Traditional IRA, 403(b), and 401(k). Create an index entry cross-referencing the words contribution to deduction. 6
16 Add an index on a blank page at the end of the document. Use Classic format and accept all other default settings. 20
17 Insert a footer with a centered page number, using Plain Number 2 format. Do not display the page number footer on the first page. Numbering begins with page 1 on the Table of Contents page. 6
18 Ensure that the second table is on one page, and update the Table of Contents. 6
19 Save the document and exit Word. Submit the document as directed. 0
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ERM And Efficient Frontier Analysis

 Chapter 25 explained ERM and Efficient Frontier Analysis. Do you agree with the approach to implement an ERM and why? If you could change anything about the reasons to implement ERM in this case study what would that be and why? Would you implement the same ERM approach in your current organization (or future organization)?

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06930 – 3- Pages Within 6 Hrs06930 – 3- Pages Within 6 Hrs

06930 Topic: IT234-5: Investigate analytical and non-relational database alternatives.

Number of Pages: 3 (Double Spaced)

Number of sources: 2

Writing Style: APA

Type of document: Essay

Academic Level:Undergraduate

Category: Management

Language Style: English (U.S.)

Order Instructions: Attached

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Database Systems And Applications – The Role Played And Tools Used By A DBA And Database Modeling Techniques

Assignment paper in  Database Systems and Applications

1. The role played and tools used by a DBA

2. Database modeling techniques various types of connectivity

3. you should highlight the modeling techniques you have used or have found in the research

4. APA Style formating with a minimum of 1200 words and maximum 2000 words.

5. NO Plagiarism and 4 or 5 References must be included and cited.

The Curly Fry Conundrum: Why Social Media “Likes” Say More Than You Might Think

Stop the video at 4:27 and try to come up with the answer Dr. Golbeck is asking:

“How come liking a picture of curly fries could be indicative of how smart you are?”

First, try to come up with your own predictions and post them here. Also, add overall your reflection on what you learned about Social Media Analytics after watching this video.


Database Security – Regulatory Frameworks 1 – HIPAA

  • OverviewThis week we will be examining HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) is United States legislation that provides data privacy and security provisions for safeguarding medical information.
    You will also begin preparations for your final project by picking a topic. Your final project is a paper and a 20 minute presentation to a group of aspiring DBA’s on a security topic. Please select a topic from the material covered in this course or another topic that interests you (maybe one that you need to know for work).
  • ItemRequired Readings
  • ItemRequired Videos
    HIPAA Risk Analysis
    HIPAA Security Risk Assessment
  • AssignmentWeek 10 PaperWrite an essay of at least 500 words discussing the Safe Harbor provisions under HIPAA.
    Do not copy without providing proper attribution. This paper will be evaluated through SafeAssign.
    Write in essay format not in outline, bulleted, numbered or other list format.
    Use the five paragraph format. Each paragraph must have at least five sentences. Include 3 quotes with quotation marks and cited in-line and in a list of references. Include an interesting meaninful title.
    Include at least one quote from each of 3 different articles, place the words you copied (do not alter or paraphrase the words) in quotation marks and cite in-line (as all work copied from another should be handled). The quotes should be full sentences (no more, less) and should be incorporated in your discussion (they do not replace your discussion) to illustrate or emphasize your ideas.
    Cite your sources in a clickable reference list at the end. Do not copy without providing proper attribution (quotation marks and in-line citations). Write in essay format not in bulleted, numbered or other list format.
    It is important that you use your own words, that you cite your sources, that you comply with the instructions regarding length of your submission Do not use spinbot or other word replacement software. It usually results in nonsense and is not a good way to learn anything. I will not spend a lot of my time trying to decipher nonsense. Proof read your work or have it edited. Find something interesting and/or relevant to your work to write about.  Please do not submit attachments unless requested.