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Discussion 1: HU260

Cogent Reasoning

The goal of an argument, as we are using the term, is to persuade. Specifically, a good argument persuades someone into adopting a conclusion that is rational on the basis of its premises.

This week, you will recount a time when you were persuaded or had your mind changed by a good argument.

  • Make sure that you identify a situation in which you were convinced or had your mind changed on the basis of good evidence.
  • Note: An “argument” for the purposes of this class does not refer to a verbal altercation, but a collected series of statements intended to prove some conclusion.

Discussion 2: ACC226

Overhead Costs Company Example

This week we covered Chapter 3, Process Costing and Chapter 4 Activity Based Costing. Process Costing is for manufacturers which assemble products that are identical. Activity Based Costing assigns costs to overhead activities and then assigns those costs to the assembled products. Using the company in your Week 1 post, please identify some overhead costs in the manufacturing operations. What makes these overhead costs and what cost driver should be used to apply the overhead costs to the products?

Each post should be 75-150 words in length.

Case Study, MBA, Short-term investment returns: money market instruments

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Use attached Template.

Data Source: https://www.treasurydirect.gov/instit/instit.htm

This data source will cover all but CDs

Business-professional quality is expected. Prepare your report as if you are submitting to an upper-level business director/executive.
Case will require a qualitative analysis supported by quantitative data.

Prepare each case using Word, and embed your spreadsheet analysis into your case report.

You will submit two files for each case assignment:

  • One Word file
  • One Excel file (template attached)

Short-term investment returns: money market instruments Part of your responsibilities as a junior financial analyst is researching and identifying potential short-term liquid investment options for your firm. These investment vehicles are at times used by the firm during periods when their cash inflows exceed projections. The firm, at times, uses excess cash to purchase short-term debt instruments providing a low, but safe marginal return on invested capital. Your Director, who reports to the firm’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) has come to you seeking your recommendation on short-term investment options for the upcoming year. The Director has asked for recommendations and a report illustrating your optimal analysis for investing $2.5m of excess cash. Current background info: We have a potential impending compound money market problem: The U.S. is issuing more debt, in part due to the recent tax cuts. Simultaneously, the Fed, China, Japan and to a lesser degree Russia have been reducing their holdings of U.S. Debt. Therefore, if the U.S. Treasury Department can’t get entities to their positions holding U.S. debt, then the pressure to increase interest rates to make newly issued securities attractive increases. Increased interest rates at the Treasury means securities prices fall with cascading impacts. Therefore, the current interest rate environment is one where rates are expected to increase. Parameters for the research and analysis report are as follows:

1.Investments selections are primarily short term (one year or less), but will consider U.S. TreasuryBills of shorter duration as well as TIPS.

2.A minimum of 3 short term debt money market security types are to be recommended. Theymay include Federal money market bills, U.S. Savings Bonds, CDs, U.S. Treasury Notes, TreasuryBills, and TIPS.

a.Note: money market investments of the range of two to five years are acceptable.

b.However, no more than 40% of the portfolio can be invested in a security of withduration of greater than 12 months.

3.A recommendation on the optimal allocation of $2.5 m across the investment portfolio isrequired.

4.Current (as of the date of this assignment) rates and investments are to be used.

The analysis report to be presented to the Director is to include:

1.Your concise statement and recommendation of the specific short-term investment options thatmeets the firm’s criteria.Followed by:

2.A detailed summary of the investment asset and the parameters you will use in which to baseyour recommendation.

3.A detailed description of the upside and downside risk of each investment. The latter is ofparticular importance as the firm may decide to manage excess cash in one or more vehicles forlonger than one year.

4.Source identifier for all investment selections

a. Example: website URL

5. A spreadsheet (embedded into the report) illustrating the following:

a. Asset category/classification

b. Specific money market instrument identifier

i. Example: U.S. Treasury CUSIP

6. EAR for each investment

7. YTM for each investment

a. If held to maturity

b. If sold at the end of 12 months

8. Total return for investment portfolio if held to maturity

9. Spreadsheet model is to include all cell-based formulas for all calculations

Your conclusion is to summarize the recommendation made in item #1 above

Format for report. Your report must:

1. Be presented in Word file format

2. Analysis must be between 3 to 5 pages maximum, including spreadsheet analysis

3. Excel spreadsheet is embedded into the Word file

4. Submit Excel file separately

journal for music 116

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Choose an AUDIO example (not video clip) from Unit 5: Middle East and write a 150 word journal about it. Please utilize the listening guides in your textbook for this assignment. Include information about the audio example including the genre or style, instruments and form. What culture creates this music? What behaviors or activities are associated with this music? Also include your personal thoughts or feelings about your chosen audio example. Do you like it/dislike it? Why did you choose this particular example?

please answer the forum question.

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You are an immigration attorney and a client named Mary walks into your office with a newly-received Notice to Appeal (NTA) in her hand. The NTA charges her as being present in the U.S. without admission or parole under INA section 212(a)(6)(A)(i).

After speaking with Mary, you learn she entered the U.S. without authorization just 3 months ago. She ended up in removal proceedings because she happened to be at a friend’s house when ICE arrived looking to take her friend into custody. During the incidental encounter, ICE discovered Mary had no lawful status and issued her an NTA.

You also learn Mary is married to a U.S. citizen, and that the couple lives together and has co-mingled their assets and other aspects of their lives. Mary’s husband previously filed an I-130 petition on her behalf, which was approved. Mary has no other immigration applications or petitions pending. Mary has a hearing coming up in immigration court in two weeks.

You decide to take her case, and she’s overjoyed to have someone helping her with the complexities of the immigration law. She says all she wants to do is stay with her husband in the U.S. The couple plans on opening a business together and starting a family if everything works out immigration-wise.

As Mary’s attorney, what are some possible courses of action? Identify and discuss what you come up with and choose the best option to pursue. Why is it the best?

Please explain your chosen strategy fully.

Answers each of the questions and must have at least a half of page of writing

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Answers each of the questions and must have at least a half of page of writing

1. What is the relevance of research and development to an economy’s productivity? Among major economies, how does the United States rank in R&D spending as a share of the GDP?

2. Define industrial policy. What are some arguments for and against industrial policy?

MBA 5841 Unit 3

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For this unit’s assignment, you will choose and research one of the following companies for your marketing plan:

  • Walmart,

After choosing one of the aforementioned companies, you will research, analyze, and create the marketing plan sections described below for your company of choice.

  • Situation Analysis: Using the sections below, analyze the competitive market, the company’s targeted market segments, and how your company’s capabilities stack up to the competition.
  • Market Summary: Describe, in detail, the target market segments by determining their segment size, segment needs, segment growth, and segment trends. Using more detail to describe these market segments will prove to be beneficial as a basis for the marketing strategies and tactical programs presented later in your marketing plan.
  • SWOT Analysis: Include the sections described below.
    • Strengths: In this section, list and describe your company’s internal physical and financial capabilities that can enable it to reach its stated objectives.
    • Weaknesses: In this section, list the internal elements that may prevent or slow your company’s ability to achieve its stated objectives.
    • Opportunities: In this section, list the external and potentially profitable areas in which your company may find an interest in which to target, engage, and perform.
    • Threats: In this section, list the external and potentially unfavorable trials that can negatively affect your company’s business model and competitiveness.
  • Competition: List your company’s main competitors, and describe what positions they occupy in the market in which your company wishes to compete. Also, this section is where you should provide a summary of the competitors’ strategies.
  • Product Offerings: Review the company’s products or product lines, and identify their main features.
  • Distribution: Describe and provide an overview of each of your company’s product distribution channels.

Your assignment will be a minimum of three pages in length. Ensure that you introduce the company you have chosen, and identify each section with a heading in your assignment. You should reference at least three sources to support this section of your marketing plan. As aforementioned, your sources should be from the CSU Online Library, but you may also include outside sources as well. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced and follow APA formatting, and quoted or paraphrased material must have accompanying in-text citations.

Database Design and Analysis. Use the Accidents_2016.csv file below to implement the following steps for your database project.

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  1. Create a MySQL schema named “accidents.”
  2. Within the accidents schema, create a table named accidents_2016 with the following columns:
    • accident_index as a varchar(13),
    • accident_severity as an int
  3. Within the accidents schema, create a table named vehicles_2016 with the following columns:
    • accident_index as a varchar(13),
    • vehicle_type as a varchar(10)
  4. Within the accidents schema, create a table named vehicle_type with the following columns:
    • vcode int,
    • vtype as a varchar(100)
  5. Next, you will load the data for the three tables.
    • Load the accidents data. Note that @dummy is a placeholder for a column in the .csv file that you want to ignore during the load.
load data local infile '…\data\Accidents_2016.csv'_x000D_
into table accidents_2016_x000D_
fields terminated by ','_x000D_
enclosed by '"'_x000D_
lines terminated by 'n'_x000D_
ignore 1 lines_x000D_
(@col1, @dummy, @dummy, @dummy, @dummy, @dummy, @col2_x000D_
,@dummy, @dummy, @dummy, @dummy, @dummy_x000D_
,@dummy, @dummy, @dummy, @dummy, @dummy_x000D_
,@dummy, @dummy, @dummy, @dummy, @dummy_x000D_
,@dummy, @dummy, @dummy, @dummy, @dummy_x000D_
,@dummy, @dummy, @dummy, @dummy, @dummy_x000D_
) _x000D_
set accident_index=@col1,accident_severity=@col2;
  • Load the vehicle data.
load data local infile '…\data\Vehicles_2016.csv'_x000D_
into table vehicles_2016_x000D_
fields terminated by ','_x000D_
enclosed by '"'_x000D_
lines terminated by 'n'_x000D_
ignore 1 lines_x000D_
(@col1, @dummy, @dummy, @col2_x000D_
,@dummy, @dummy, @dummy, @dummy, @dummy_x000D_
,@dummy, @dummy, @dummy, @dummy, @dummy_x000D_
,@dummy, @dummy, @dummy, @dummy, @dummy_x000D_
,@dummy, @dummy, @dummy, @dummy, @dummy_x000D_
set accident_index=@col1,vehicle_type=@col2;
  • Load the vehicle type data.
load data local infile  '…\data\vehicle_type.csv'_x000D_
into table  vehicle_type_x000D_
fields  terminated by ','_x000D_
enclosed by  '"'_x000D_
lines  terminated by 'n'_x000D_
ignore 1  lines
  1. After the data are loaded, you will perform the analysis. First, find the average accident severity and the number of accidents for vehicles of type motorcycle. Note the performance of your query. Your query may run so slowly that MySQL aborts running completing.
  2. Improve Query Performance
    • Look at the explain tool output and save the results to a graphic file.
    • From the explain results, how many rows have to be read per join?
    • Add an index named “accident_index” of type “index” on the accident_index
    • column in the accidents_2016 table and another index named “accident_index” of type “index” on the vehicles_2106 table.
alter table accidents_2016_x000D_
add index accident_index (accident_index asc);
alter table vehicles_2016_x000D_
add index accident_index (accident_index asc);

After adding the indices, rerun the query explanation tool and determine the number of rows to be read per join.

  1. Find the median accident severity.

MySQL does not have a median function so to find the median accident severity, you will have to write a Python script.

  • You’ll need to install Python and the PyMySQL module.
  • Install Python version 2.7 or 3.4 from www.python.org.

To install the PyMySQL module, run the following command in a Windows command prompt after Python has been installed:

python -m pip install  --index-url=https://pypi.python.org/simple/ --trusted-host pypi.python.org PyMySQL

b) Create an accident median table

create  table accident_medians_x000D_
       vtype varchar(100),_x000D_
       severity int_x000D_
  • Run the following Python script:
import pymysql_x000D_
myConnection  = pymysql.connect(host='localhost', user='****', passwd='****', db='accidents')_x000D_
cur = myConnection.cursor()_x000D_
cur.execute('SELECT vtype FROM vehicle_type WHERE  vtype LIKE "%otorcycle%";')_x000D_
cycleList = cur.fetchall()_x000D_
selectSQL = ('''_x000D_
                SELECT  t.vtype, a.accident_severity_x000D_
                FROM accidents_2016 AS a_x000D_
                JOIN vehicles_2016 AS v ON  a.accident_index = v.Accident_Index_x000D_
                JOIN vehicle_type AS t ON  v.Vehicle_Type = t.vcode_x000D_
                WHERE t.vtype LIKE %s_x000D_
                ORDER BY  a.accident_severity;''')_x000D_
insertSQL = ('''INSERT INTO accident_medians  VALUES (%s, %s);''')_x000D_
for cycle  in cycleList:_x000D_
                accidents = cur.fetchall()_x000D_
                quotient, remainder =  divmod(len(accidents),2)_x000D_
                if  remainder:_x000D_
                                med_sev =  accidents[quotient][1]_x000D_
                                med_sev =  (accidents[quotient][1] + accidents[quotient+2][1])/2_x000D_
                print('Finding median  for',cycle[0])_x000D_

Write each query you used in Steps 1 – 8 in a text file. If a query produced a result set, then list the first ten rows of each row set after the query.

Signnature Essay for US history to 1865

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During the mid 18th Century, English colonists appealed to the metropole for redress of various grievances. In this essay, I want you to consider the ethics and civics of those seeking change (later known to us as the Patriots). Who were these Patriots? What methods did they use to further their goals through civic engagement? What ethical considerations did they take into account in seeking redress of their grievances? Did the new United States (under either the Articles or Constitution) address their grievances?

Same meaning different words say English, You can read it and do it as you understand it but I has to be same thought and meaning

Can you help me understand this Law question?

1. Great post overall. I’d like to add on to your answer for part one, question number two just a bit. In addition to all of the biological evidence that you mentioned, there are also many other types of physical evidence that may be found at a crime scene. These types of evidence can be found at either the initial crime scene, or also the secondary crime scene. It includes traceable evidence such as shoe prints or tire tracks, which can help give direction to the crime and possibly even lead to the perpetrator. It also includes tool marks, ballistics, and blood pattern analysis. These types of evidence shed some light on the crime itself such as what weapon was used and how the crime was acted out. To name just a few more, there is digital evidence, video evidence, and evidence in the form of documents. This can include things such as text messages, bank statements, or even surveillance recording of the crime actually happening.

2. From what I’ve learned, the first responding officer tends to be the primary officer. That means that while they do have those many responsibilities you listed, it is also their job to delegate and tell the officers that show up after them what needs to be done.

It’s sort of disappointing to learn that evidence is not as amazing as it is on T.V. In crime shows the evidence is always enough to get the bad guy and it almost always gives definite results. There are no results where the odds are 1-in-10,000 that a person would have the thing found in the evidence.

The chain of evidence is very important as if the list of who handled the evidence is not properly done then the defense could use that to argue that evidence was tampered with.

I think that glue can be used to make fingerprints visible is pretty interesting. I would like to see how it actually works.

Send a brief description of the site you like most

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For this assignment you are a job coach for the disabled follow the instructions please respond with 400 words .

Overview: Assignment 1Visit Supplemental Materials showing links to various websites. Explore each of these sites and identify the site you find most beneficial to you in your work. Send a brief description of the site you like most and explain why you find it useful.

Supplemental Materials

Here are some sites on the World Wide Web that are very informative and may provide you with helpful information not contained within the course.


disABILITY: Information and Resources

Disability Statistics


Easter Seals

The APSE Homepage

The Arc of the United States

National Organization on Disability

The American Association of People with Disabilities (http://www.aapd.com/)

The National Council on Independent Living (http://www.ncil.org/)

National Disability Rights Network (http://www.ndrn.org/index.php)

U.S. Department of Labor, “Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP)” (https://www.dol.gov/odep/)

World Institute on Disability (http://www.wid.org/)

Disability is Natural (https://www.disabilityisnatural.com/)