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Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on fingerprinting Paper must be at least 2000 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Statistical analysis in science is a tool that puts a numeric value to the “thing” being tested, it does not prove the validity of the actual science. The empirical study of fingerprints has taken place over the past 100 years and has proven that fingerprints are unique and individual. From the critical perspective, fingerprint comparison and identification methodology remains reliable and valid as scientific evidence and to this day has yet to be considered inadmissible as evidence in a court of law.Fingerprints are developed while the fetus is still in the womb. The friction ridge detail begins to develop on the hands and feet of a fetus during the 12th or 13th weeks of pregnancy (Ashbaugh, 1999, p.54). These “ridges do not run from one side of the hand or the finger to the other in a continuous stream, but are broken and noncontinuous. The arrangement of these ridges, like all natural things, is unique” (McRoberts, 1994, p.l). From the scientific perspective, early pioneers in fingerprint history are considered Sir William J. Herschel and Dr. Henry Faulds. Herschel is actually credited for “being the first European to recognize the value of friction ridge prints and to actually use them for identification purposes” (Aushbaugh, 1999, p.21). However, Alphonse Bertillon in Paris, France was first to devise the first truly scientific method of criminal identification, called anthropometry or Bertillonage. Bertillon “included fingerprints on the rear of his anthropometric cards as a final check of his identification. Upon Bertillon’s death in 1914, Bertillonage was discarded in France and replaced by fingerprint identification” (Ashbaugh, 1999, p. 28). In 1893, fingerprinting was added to the files at Scotland Yard, but anthropometry was still considered the primary method of identification until 1901.

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Studies show an XBox controller has an average lifetime of 1,500 days. Assume the lifetimes are normally distributed with a standard deviation of 325 days.  A.) Find the percentage of controllers that will fail during their first 895 days of use.B.) Find the percentage of controllers that will fail within 200 days of their average lifetime. (NOT the first 200 days!)C.) At what number of days should the lifetime warranty be set so that fewer than 3.5% of the controllers must be replaced under warranty?

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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Joe Biden Plagiarism. It needs to be at least 2500 words.Current VP Joe Biden faced to such circumstances during his own political career. Whereas it is invariably true that Joe Biden also experienced a litany of other political setbacks and challenges, the primary focus of this particular essay will be to discuss and analyze the way in which accusations and ultimate proof of plagiarism within the words and published works of Joe Biden ultimately harmed his political prospects and haunted him throughout much of his political career. Additionally, beyond merely providing a level of focus on Joe Biden, the analysis will also delve into the issue of whether or not plagiarism is taken too seriously and whether or not some individuals are held to a higher standard as compared to others. It is the hope of this author that such a level of analysis and discussion will be beneficial in defining the means by which plagiarism, and the accusation of plagiarism, has the potential to Harrison individual long after they have left a given scholastic institution, published an article, or even given the a speech with un-credited lines.As Joe Biden prepared to run for office in the late 1980s as a Democratic candidate for president, it is doubtless that he had little fought for the potential of indiscretions of his years to come back to haunt him in a particularly spirited contest between several other hopeful Democratic candidates. Whereas it is unclear which individual was ultimately responsible for reviewing the records and finding proof that plagiarism in fact existed, by it was forced to answer the charge of plagiarism during the election season and to admit fact that he had lifted entire pages of text directly from other sources without due citation (Wheeler and Anderson 169). As the story unfolded, it became clear that Biden had been caught at the time and had received an F in the course. Yet, this death was only an initial reaction that the University gave to the charge and proof that Joseph Biden

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Are you motivated to succeed in business? It is time to develop a mini business plan! Prepare a 15-slide PowerPoint presentation. The PowerPoint presentation will be a business venture you want to launch. You can use the information in the required readings and information from other reliable sources. You may use the slide notes function to explain slide contents, if necessary. Describe what you want to do (this is a strategic plan) (five slides).  Identify the goal. Explain why the opportunity is promising. Make an estimate about how long you think this will take. Make a statement about the advantages of your business and the desire to pursue it (vision/mission statement). Distinguish strategic planning from other managerial actions within your strategic plan. Describe why you will be successful (three slides).  Describe your past performance (company history, if any, what you have done and are doing). Explain the tools or services available (investors? services? local association?).  Describe what you need in order to do this (three slides).  Estimate the necessary capital. Estimate the necessary staff (organization chart); include why the staff you designated will best fit the plan. Describe necessary approvals/licenses.  Describe the products and services you plan to offer (one slide). Identify management (three slides).  Are you the manager (other owners/officers, board members, consultants, or attorneys)? Describe why these choices best fit the plan. You are required to use at least one outside source to support your PowerPoint presentation.Evaluate the role of strategic planning within the decisions you will be making for the company.

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assignment 2: GENETIC ENGINEERING AND HUMAN-ANIMAL HYBRIDS: HOW CHINA IS LEADING A GLOBAL SPLIT IN CONTROVERSIAL RESEARCHThe ethical issue of concern addressed in the article is the application of genetic engineering on human beings in China and some other countries. Genetic engineering is used to form genetically edited human babies, human-animal hybrids, and human head transplant. The issue is controversial because it involves manipulation of human beings genetically, and that the scientific research’s in china are unregulated, creating a divide in the global scientific research world on what is acceptable or not. The technology called CRISPR gene-editing technology, and it is used to edit human embryos genetically. The goal of the writer is to expose China’s participation in the controversial activity of genetically engineering human beings, how their actions are influencing other parts of the world to partake the same activity, and how these actions may worsen the existing health inequality, and create a two-tier system in the medical research industry. The kinds of practices cited in the article are the use of CRISPR gene-editing technology in china and Russia, human head transplant, and formation of human-animal hybrid. The consequences of such research and practices are that it can lead to a two-tier system where some nations will put in place biotechnological regulations to govern their practices, while others without regulations will act fast to keep up with the advances in technology putting aside ethical considerations. It can also lead to prejudice against the genetically engineered humans in regions the practices are not accepted. The advantage of the CRISPR technology is that it can be used to prevent someone from developing a genetical disease since it can be edited out. The parties affected by such practices are other nations not taking part in the practice due to unavailability of an internationally accepted standard and regulations with regards to genetic engineering, and the public in cases of predatory health practices. The international science community and the public, in general, have the right to call for a stop in these practices and work towards internationally agreed regulations and standards.Using common good approach to evaluate the morality of the issue, I think it is very unethical to apply genetic engineering to human beings especially when standards regarding and regulating such practices have not been agreed upon internationally. In as much genetic engineering can be beneficial in correcting certain human health problems, and in expanding research, these practices do not put into consideration the impact on the international scientific community and the dignity of humans in general. It is therefore important that foreign policies and regulations be put in place and adhered to by every nation.An article closely linked to the article on genetic engineering is, “Chinese Scientists Try to Cure One Man’s HIV With Crispr” by Megan Molteni. The article is about a clinical trial conducted in China to cure a man of HIV with the use of CRISPR to disable the CCR5 gene. Even though the procedure cured his cancer, he did not get freed from HIV, although the edited stem cells continue to carry the protective CCR5 gene mutation. The practice has been seen as progress in the scientific field in the quest for finding a cure for HIV. The foundation for HIV research had rewarded researchers with 65 billion dollars to find a cure for HIV using different strategies, including CRISPR. The study contradicts what I’ve found in the previous study because, in this article, human gene editing seems acceptable, and is being carried in different parts of the world including in Los Angeles to edit HIV patients’ hemopoietic stem cells. The author supports the use of gene editing to cure diseases such as HIV and cites the attempted trials in CRISPR as progress in science.   Respectfully respond to  student blog; Reply to any comments made to your blog. Your comments should attempt to generate discussion and dig deeper into the issues.do a comments.in the article listed .WITH A SMALL PARAGRAPH

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What are the molecular and net ionic chemical equations that show how a HC-2H3O2-NaC2H3O2 buffer resists a pH change when HCl is added using phase labels.How would the process go of forming these equations?

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TaskWrite a 1000 -1200 word essay describing a global public health challenge and critically evaluating the role of international and local agencies in responding to it as per the requirement file attached in Harvard referencing.Here is list of the 7 topics out of which you can select one for this assignment:1. Diabetes Type II2. Pandemic influenza3. HIV prevention4. Climate change5. Healthy ageing6. STIs7. Cardiovascular Diseases

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What is ghosting? Can you explain? Why would a someone do this ? Explain the difference between ghosting in texting, social media, or dating.Respond to one of your classmates. Is there ever a good reason to ghost on someone? Why or why not?

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in the case 26. Cooper laboratories. capital budgeting : multiple options, the question 9, there are analyse scenarios. We have 6 scenarios and 3 options to analyse. Option 1 (as is)Option 2( price increase)Option 3 (expand)

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Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on dd121 tma01 Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! DD 121 Part One TMA No. 01 First Semester 2008/2009 Al Humaid Ibrahim Abdul Aziz Section I The main skills, which help you to become a self-learnerEssay writing is a special skill that is acquired through practice by having sound knowledge of the subject matter to produce solid content, and adopting the techniques of writing essays. Language skills are critical and this includes use of good vocabulary, and correct spelling, grammar, and sentence structure. Proofreading can also help to make sure proper care has been taken in this regard. The right structure of the essay is also important so that the reader can easily follow through with what the writer is trying to say.Self study techniques can assist in developing good essay writing skills. This means learning to be aware of how to structure the essay, which style of writing to use, how to reference the sources, how to engage the reader in an absorbing discussion, and of course by avoiding plagiarism.2. How to structure a TMA. Rules on plagiarism and how to avoid itThe ‘Rules of TMA Writing’ stipulate in section 2.2.3 to organize the “material into a cohesive structure’. We must assume that the reader is unfamiliar with the contents, so needs to be taken through the essay from the beginning to the end with one idea contained in each paragraph. This also means it is very important to make points clear and that the reader is guided through each stage in the arguments. It is normal practice to structure the main body of the essay by preceding it with a good gentle introduction to acquaint the reader with what is to be expected, and followed by a solid conclusion that briefly summarises and articulately encapsulates the main thrust of the essay. The main body is the most important section. It should develop the key points citing relevant evidence where necessary. The title should reflect the nature of the essay and at the end there should be a references section to acknowledge any external sources used in the construction of the essay. The hierarchical order would therefore be as follows: title, introduction, main section, conclusion, and references.It is extremely important to acknowledge the sources used. It is morally and ethically wrong to try and “pass off someone else’s words as your own words”. This corrupt practice is called ‘plagiarism’. It is permissible to quote from an academic source to support your own essay, any arguments and examples, but full details must then be given using quotation marks as to where the supporting information was acquired.Section IIA. The normative and legal definitions of crime, and what is legal and what is illegal.A definition of crime depends on the context of which framework it is perceived from. An act that is considered a crime from one perspective may not necessarily be considered a crime from another. For example, there is the law of the land in which crimes are acts that break it. Then there is the law of God, which only the irreligious fail to acknowledge that it has a higher authority than any man made law. So, “Potentially, criminal acts can be judged against formal moral systems, like religious beliefs.” However, the problem with laws derived from the Holy Scriptures is that for a start our creator neither communicates directly nor continuously, and there are different religions, so different texts, which also deal with many other things besides laws. Even in regard to a particular scripture there are typically varying interpretations amongst people according to different schools of thought.As for the law of the land, there is no single domain of human habitation with a single law. Different countries have different legal systems, and there are differences as to which acts are considered criminal. Furthermore, man-made law changes over time too. These can be due to social, political and technological changes. Therefore, “There is no simple, fixed, unassailable, objective definition of crime.” In addition to this, people have their own perceptions of what is morally right and wrong and what kinds of behaviour constitute crimes to define what is legal and what is illegal. The basis of these normative perspectives is rooted in culture and tradition, and there can often be a conflict between what is acceptable to a certain society according to their conventions and long held values, and the perception of crime as legally enforced upon that society by the government. This can lead to more than one meaning of crime. And, “the two meanings of crime can not be reconciled because a great deal of legally-defined crime is not considered to be normatively-defined crime.” Moreover, “some legally defined crimes might not be acceptable when judged against the norms, codes and conventions of socially-acceptable behaviour.”B. A judgment of the present rate crime, and facilities and mechanisms present in the community that either minimize or generate crime. Social factors and changes in society and legislation determine and influence what constitutes crime, and the actual and perceived rates of crime. The factors of culture and technology are significant in this regard. Scientific and technological developments progress over time and naturally too, culture and traditions also change. These factors bring about corresponding changes in society and as far as the government is concerned, it becomes imperative for the legal system to adapt to the changing times too. For example, if we look at the changes in society due to the inventions of the mobile phone, computer laptops, and ipods for instance, whilst these have brought about several technological benefits they have also created new opportunities for thieves. “With more consumer goods and other commodities on public display than ever before, there are more opportunities for criminal acts.”Changes for instance in the types of work that are now available and the way we do work, and that people can more easily obtain information and move about (increase in social mobility) have meant that new situations exists that never did before in our society. This is largely due to scientific and technological developments. The role of the Internet in this is a prime example. This has resulted in the defining of new crimes that also never existed before. Thus, “New crimes have been created by changes in the law and changes in technology.”Looking at another aspect of the technological changes together with the changes that have brought about a greater awareness of rights and opportunities and information in general, we could also argue that the rate of crime may very well be the same as it ever was, even declined perhaps, but that now more crime is reported, and more criminals are caught than before. “A large increase in the number of police officers, the increasing availability of phones making reporting easier, and a greater willingness to call on the police when necessary” has all raised the perceived number of crimes. This is called the ‘paradox’ of crime. On the other hand, despite the relative ease of reporting crime as compared to the past, when 17,000 people were questioned in a study, it was found that only half of people report offences to the police. This means that “the true scale of crime is far higher than official statistics show” (Sunday Times, Feb. 16, 2003). A BBC report also found that reported crime was down 9% in the year 2007-08 even though “six out of ten people think crime is rising nationally”. The report identifies that “police everywhere have far more sophisticated methods to solve crimes while homes and cars are far more secure than they were in the 1980s.” (BBC News, Jul. 17, 2008)References and BibliographyBBC News, Jul. 17, 2008. Analysis: Crime figures down. Reported by Dominic Casciani. Retrieved 20 Nov. 2008 from http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7511758.stm.Introductory Workbook Sections 1, Introduction, (pp. 5-26) and pp. (35-44), and Section 8. Assessing your work, pp. (45-56).Student Guide.Sunday Times, Feb
. 16, 2003. Silent crime wave affects one in three. Reported by Robert Winnett. Retrieved 20 Nov. 2008 from http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/article878778.ece.Tales of fear and fascination: the crime problem in the contemporary UK. Section 1. What is crime (pp. 5-7) and Section 3. Beyond Common Sense (pp. 15-21).