dq response 99

please respond to the following post

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dq responses

see attached posts to respond to

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video response

watch the following video and read the website article.  provide at least two paragraphs of feedback.




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problem of the week responses

The initial problem of the week has been completed and attached.  I have attached the additional parts of the assignment.

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study group discussion

Driscoll et al. consider what teachers can do, through their instruction,  to foster students’ geometric thinking, organized by 3 principles:

1) Geometric thinking develops with the help of regular problem-solving opportunities;

2) Geometry in the middle grades demands special attention to teacher-student communication; and 

3) Middle-grades geometry is groundwork for high school geometry.

For this module, you will consider aspects of the latter two in this individual assignment. Below, you are prompted to consider the first principle, as well as other aspects of the chapter that you found compelling.

Please respond to these two prompts, building on (and not duplicating responses of others. . After you have prompted, return to the discussion and react/question to the responses of others in your group.  

Prompt 1. What are the advantages and challenges that exist with implementing regular problem-solving opportunities in middle and secondary classrooms?

Prompt 2. What other statement(s)/idea(s) from the chapter resonated with you (and why)? What questions/thoughts arose as you considered this statement/idea?

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Week 9 discussion

Choose ONE of the following questions about the video.

  • Marva works with students whom other teachers thought were “unteachable.” Why would a teacher describe a student this way?
  • Why did black students in Alabama have a poorer education than white children?
  • What challenging job did Marva have for fourteen years? What would be some special difficulties of doing that job?
  • Why would Marva’s first students at Westside Prep now be called “special needs” students?
  • Why didn’t Marva accept money from the government to run her school?
  • Is Marva’s school similar to, or different from, your own school or any school you have attended in the past? Describe those similarities and/or differences.
  • How do we know that Marva’s methods and beliefs about education were successful?



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study group discussion

For Module 5, please read Driscoll and colleagues’ writing about geometric measurement in chapter 4, and then respond to at least 2 of the 3 discussion prompts below. This discussion will occur in your new Study Groups. 

Prompt 1: In chapter 4, Driscoll provides justifications for various mathematical statements. Choose one mathematical justification (and the original statement) and discuss why the justification is valid or how it could be improved. Connect this to our prior discussions on mathematical statements.

Prompt 2: Chapter 4 includes the discussion of various research on middle/secondary students’ thinking about measurement. Choose one area of research about student thinking and discuss various ways to extend their understanding of a particular aspect of measurement. 

Prompt 3: Choose a particular mathematical idea from Chapter 4 (from a problem provided or a mathematical statement made) and discuss your thinking about the mathematical idea/statement. 

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study group articles

Find three research articles that address gender and racial inequalities in Mathematics.  Cite the source and at least a paragraph analysis of the article.

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