Assessment Philosophy

In approximately 2 double-spaced pages (and no more than 4), write about your views on assessment in mathematics education. You should address the following questions:

  • How do you define assessment?
  • What should be the role of assessment in the broader educational system?
  • In your view, how does assessment contribute to students’ learning of mathematics? How would you ideally incorporate it into your teaching practice?




Characteristics of the Essay


Thoughtful and detailed; Nuanced in terms of recognizing the inherent complexities of educational systems and students’ learning; Coherent in that there are no apparent contradictions between different parts of the essay; Contains some references to scholarly literature or broad ideas about teaching and learning; Writing is clear and without serious errors.


Thoughtful and detailed; Coherent in that there are no apparent contradictions between different parts of the essay; Writing is clear and without serious errors.


Some ideas are thoughtful and detailed while others are presented more hurriedly; Ideas are reasonable in isolation but have some contradictions when considered together; Writing is mostly clear and some errors are present.


Lack of detail; Writing is unclear and errors are common.

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sociology essays

Essays: Each question is worth 15 points. Clearly identify the question that you are answering. 

• Make sure that you demonstrate/write as much as you can what you know about the topic. DO NOT give me a listing answer since these are essay questions.

• A two to three sentence paragraph is not going to cut it. Do not assume that I know what you know. 

• Upload your essay answers as a WORD document. 1. What is a disciplinary society? According to Foucault, how did such a type of society come about? Briefly discuss one benefit of being in a disciplinary society and one challenge of living in a disciplinary society. If given the choice, would you live in a disciplinary society or not? Explain why. 2. Using the structural theory of deviance, analyze how a vaccine mandate to fight the spread of COVID-19 can result to deviance in society. Make sure to identify what were the culturally valued goals and the accepted ways of achieving these goals. Include in your discussions the different forms of adaptation to structural strain and provide appropriate examples. 3. What is social mobility? Identify two things about you (specifically in terms of cultural capital) or social circumstances (i.e. the chance, choice or context that affect your life chances) that you believe will help you become upwardly mobile, and one thing about you or your social circumstances that can cause you to be downwardly mobile. In this analysis, make sure that you make use of sociological ideas/concepts that were discussed in class – minimize psychological explanations for social mobility. End the paper with conclusions about you believe is the nature of social mobility in the United States Extra credit question on the next page 

Bonus Question (10 points) This will only be graded if you had answered 2 of the questions above What could happen to a country if extreme inequality exists? Look for a country today (excluding the US) that shows the effects of such extreme inequality, and briefly describe that country’s present social conditions. Do you think the United States might suffer the same fate? Why or why not?

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