analyzing an exam

For this assignment, select a summative assessment that is approximately the scope of a unit test or a large quiz. If you’re teaching, this would ideally be an upcoming assessment from one of your actual classes. If you’re not currently teaching, this can be any assessment of your choosing (e.g., one you’ve used in the past, one from an online source). In either case, the source of the assessment can be anything — it could be one you’ve made, one from your department or colleagues, or one from a textbook or online publishing company.

Looking at that assessment, write an analytic report that responds to the following prompts. It can simply be a document with these subheadings (no need for a narrative introduction or conclusion):

  1. Assessment Info: Relevant information about the assessment (source, class, etc.)
  2. Big Ideas: What are the big mathematical ideas that are assessed (if any)? Provide examples of items and explain how you see the big ideas (or not).
  3. Procedures and Concepts: What is the balance between procedures and concepts being assessed? Provides examples of items and explain why you think they are procedural, conceptual, or both.
  4. Math Practices: What mathematical practices are assessed (if any)? Provide examples of items and explain which practices might be assessed (or why they will not surface).
  5. Feedback: Throughout the entire administration of this assessment (from when students take it to when they receive any scores or performance report back),
  6. Modifications: In light of your analysis above, what changes would you propose for the assessment? Provide your rationale. If you do not propose any significant changes, summarize what you see as the main benefits of the assessment as-is.

REPORT LENGTH: Approximately 3 pages of original text, but the inclusion of screenshots/images may make it substantially longer.

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