course reflection

Please upload a written reflection that includes responses to these two questions:

    1. What is one important idea that you are taking away from this course? Identify at least 3 specific sources that contributed to your understanding/appreciation of that idea (readings, problem sets, discussions, etc.) and how. Be sure to include references, particularly to any readings.
    2. What is one impact you imagine this course will have on your instructional practice? Be specific about the change you plan to make or the idea you plan to try and your rationale for doing so.

You do not need to write an introduction or conclusion section. You also do not need to copy the questions above into your essay. Just use the following two headings to delineate the sections:

Important Course Idea

Impact on Practice

NOTE: It’s Ok if the important idea you wrote about in section 1 shows up in section 2. Just be sure to separate your conceptualization of that idea (part 1) and your enactment of that idea in practice (part 2).

There is no minimum or maximum length requirement, but 3-5 double-spaced pages (1” margins, 12-point font) not including references is probably a reasonable expectation.


sources from the course are attached

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Course reflection

  1. Assignment Expectations:
    1. Address concept A and B in about 150 words each.
    2. You will be graded on how well you demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the concept, and critical thinking pertaining to the applicability of the concept to your professional practice. Points awarded will follow breakdown below.
    3. You will neither be required to, nor graded on responses to your peers. One posting will suffice.
  2. The Assignment: Given the readings and assignments in the course, identify and discuss two concepts or lessons learned that you believe will be most applicable to your professional discipline.
  3. Concept A (points 10/20):
    1. Identify /define (points 4/20): …
    2. Your professional discipline: …
    3. How applicable (points 6/20): …
  4. Concept B (points 10/20):
    1. Identify /define (points 4/20): …
    2. Your professional discipline: …
    3. How applicable (points 6/20): …