Decision support and business intelligence-Tableau

Final Paper: Need uses Tableau, submit Word Document and Dashboard. At least 1000 words, not including references.
Dataset: Use property-assessment fy19.csv

Firstly, to find a project proposal that captured the who, what, why and how of your project, plus any challenges that you would foresee along the way.
State what data you plan to use, its sources, its contents and format, and why its particularly important to capture this data to achieve your Business Intelligence goals.
Formulate three questions you want the data to answer, points you want to make, or issues you wish to explore through the data.
Be as concrete as possible as to how this data will provide aide in meaningful decision making for the business and operations.

In the written portion of the final project,  to discuss:
    The specific business case and objectives of your dashboard.
    How does visualizing your data and interacting with your dashboard aide the intended audience in decision support and/or meeting desired objectives?
    What are the Key Metrics that you identified and selected to display? How did you decide to develop them, and why are they important? Please classify them as either driver metrics or outcome metrics.
    While performing an exploratory data analysis and developing your dashboard, what are the interesting trends and insights you discovered? What types of strategy would you recommend to your stakeholders based upon the dashboard findings?

Dashboard Requirements:
Create one dashboard with the following:
    At least three panes in one dashboard.
    At least three different visualization types in the dashboard. (e.g. bar chart, scatterplot, map, etc.)
    Each visualization should illustrate different relationships (e.g., don’t just make a pie chart and a bar chart from the same data).
    One pane should interactively drive all of the others (see hints below).
    Every visualization should be relevant and useful for your organization.