Discussion: Reflection/Learning Outcomes Assessment

Week 16 Discussion: Reflection/Learning Outcomes Assessment 

Write a critical evaluation of your learning outcome. In your response, consider:

Content of this class

a. Doing Business in Digital Times

b. Data/Information/Knowledge

c. Data Management

d. Net Neutrality

e. Cyber Security and Risk Management

f. Product Idea and Search Engines/Electronic Marketing

g. E-Commerce and Mobile Technologies

h. Running a Supply Chain

i. Strategic Technology and Enterprise Systems

j. Data Visualization & GIS

k. Balanced Scorecard

l. Ethics and Information Management

1. Consider the content of this class as they relate to information management/IT and managerial decision making.

2. Base on the course content, discuss new skills you acquired from this class? How relevant are the new skills to your current and/or future profession?

3. How would you apply your new knowledge?

(must use academically reviewed articles only). Wikipedia and other internet articles will not be accepted. Professor will check originality of all posts with Turnitin plagiarism checker).

Use full APA 6 throughout (use in-text citations and a APA reference list).

Read and respond to at least one (1) of your classmates’ posts. In your response to your classmates, consider comparing your articles to those of your classmates. Research from academic articles must be included in your responses to classmates post.

Initial post 300 words

respond 150 words

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