Global warming

Impact of global warming in africa

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Global warming

Resolution stating that global warming exists and that steps must be taken to address the situation.
The resolution is not stating that global warming is man-made
It is stating that it exists and action must be taken to reverse the warming.
The science question is whether the globe is warming up over the last few decades.

Section 1
–    300+ words
–    Introduction of the controversy being investigated
–    Not biased view, neutral assessment of what is being debated
Section 2
–    200+ words
–    Pro/con assessment of taking action
–    Pros= environmental and potentially positive economic benefit of taking action
–    Cons= costs of taking action and potentially negative economic benefit
Section 3
–    300+ words
–    Discussion of the science related to the controversy (topic)
–    Present 3 or more testable predictions for OR against the claims made in the topic
–    Can include tests both for OR against a claim
–    State to what extent you feel that any of these tests have already been performed
–    Be sure to include the prediction that the test is addressing
Section 4
–    150+ words
–    Assessment of the situation
–    Recommendation as to how the congressman/woman should proceed
–    Recommendation could be to act FOR or AGAINST the legislation
–    Could also be to push for a specific study to be performed

* Clearly label and separate each section