One-Pager Reflection

This is a management course and the first skill you must learn is managing yourself.  Good managers take time to reflect on what they have done and compare it with what they set out to do.  This comparison is used to build on what was done well and improve on what was not.  Please write a one-pager reflecting on your semester to identify what worked and what did not. Hopefully, this will help you in your future courses and give you a tool you can use again and again to evaluate your life.  Please answer the following questions in your reflection.  You will submit your reflection as a file upload.  This is due Tuesday, Nov. 22nd by midnight.  Please make sure to edit your work before you submit for grammar and spelling.  


1.  Reflect on how you viewed managers and the management position coming into this class versus how you see it now.  Has your view changed?  How?

2.  Throughout the semester, you completed a weekly scorecard in which you reflected on your previous week and measured your outcomes against your goals.  You also took a look ahead at the coming week and evaluated how you could improve on your performance.  Was this a helpful tool for you to manage your semester?  Why or why not?

3.  What value did you gain in terms of understanding the discipline of management?  What skills or concepts were beneficial?  

4.  How will you apply what you have learned this semester to future courses in order to manage yourself?  To your future or present career?  

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