Problem set

For this week you will return into the Changepoint PPM tool and continue working on the project that

you created in prior weeks. As a project goes through the execution phase, project control is critical to

ensure that a project stays within the constraints of time, cost, and scope. A project manager will use

different monitoring techniques to help keep the project within these constraints. If a project incurs

changes, becomes delayed, or costs become higher, a project manager will execute change control to

document and determine how to handle the change.

Once a project is completed, the project team should complete a final project report, which is the

administrative record of the completed project, which identifies all its functional and technical

components as well as other important project history. It includes all the strengths and weaknesses of

the project as it progressed and offers a final assessment of what went right (or wrong) throughout the

life of the project. It is essentially a “lessons learned” document of the project.

1. Log back into the Changepoint PPM (Daptiv) tool.

2. If not already existing, add a deliverable related to Project Close in your project with a work

packages titled “Perform Lessons Learned Workshop” and “Complete Project Close Report.”

3. Flag all tasks as complete

a. Complete this by either selecting each task and setting the status as Done, or you

may use your shift key and select all tasks (first task -> hold shift key -> last task).

Then right click on Status and choose ‘Mark as Complete’

4. Close all risks

a. Complete this by going to your Risk list, and updating the status for each to ‘Risk


5. Add in at least four (4) lessons learned

a. You will be creative with this assignment and make up some lessons learned that

you believe you may have learned from completing the project.

b. Steps:

i. Go to ‘Lessons Learned’ on the left menu

ii. Click ‘Add’ on the top

iii. Complete the fields: Lesson Type, Topic, Lesson, and Impact.

iv. Repeat to add in at least three different lessons learned.

6. Update project status to complete

a. Using the ‘Status’ button in the top right.

b. Update the ‘State” field to ‘Completed’

c. Update the ‘Phase’ field to ‘Close Out’

d. Within the Update Notes add in 2-3 sentences on what you learned this week. Also

add in 1-2 sentences about your experience with Daptiv.

7. Runs/save a project report and submits to the instructor for grading

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