Putting it all together

I am attaching the instructions and one of our previous assignments. The deadline is 11:59 Pm tonight EST. 

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Putting it all Together

Description Directions: This discussion has 2 components. This discussion will be roughly 250 words. Part one: In a paragraph of a minimum of 7 sentences, using the textbook as a reference (required), explain in-depth, the value of assisting families to develop and use family rituals. Include how you will incorporate this process into your own work. Be sure to include page numbers and use quotations if you use a direct quote Part two: Discuss in detail: Discuss how completing your own genogram and learning about and understanding your family patterns will be beneficial to you as you enter into HUS practice. (DO NOT provide personal information that diminishes ANY family members or describes personal family patterns) Describe the reasons that understanding yourself in relationship to your own family is a key and essential component of being an effective and ethical HUS practitioner.