Biology homework help


Ionizing radiation is used to treat cancer, yet it causes cancer. How would you explain this paradox to a nonscientist?
1.  write no more than 500 words to discuss the subject
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8. The running text should be “Justified” and “Proper Alignment”
9. The answers and text should not be repeat and copy from other students. It should be follow the “Plagiarism Rules”
10. The Text concerned proper ”References”

Mechanism of Diseases

Question 1: During which phase of the cardiac cycle is ventricular volume decreased? Explain the phases, and DEFEND OR JUSTIFY your ANSWER Question 2: A 24 year-old woman arrives at the emergency room with severe diarrhea (lost of fluids). Her blood pressure is 90/60 mmHg (decreased) and her heart rate is 100 beats per minute (increased). Explain what is happening with the patient. Describe what is happening with the heart, including the coronary artery system. Question 3: Compare the pulmonary circulation with the systemic circulation. Explain the why things happening. Question 4: Explain the mechanisms involved in the respiratory cycle and how disease affects them.