verbal assessment assignment

  • Classroom noticing: View the two classroom videos linked below and focus on the following: (A) Look for a pattern in the types of questions each teacher typically asks, and (B) look for instances of a question/move that led to a good amount of assessment information about a student or students as well as instances of a question/move that didn’t lead to much at all.
  • Write-Up: In approximately 2-3 double-spaced pages, include the following components.
    • Describe the typical form of discourse/discussion that you see in each class. (How often do students talk? How comfortable do they seem to be in expressing their ideas verbally? What kind of discussion happens?) Be sure to mention any patterns in the teacher questioning that you noticed (see A above).
    • Reflect on any connections or lack of connections between the discourse/discussions and the assessment of student learning. (What information about what students know and are able to do comes from their verbal discussion? How does that assessment information seem to impact the instructional decisions of the teacher? What can you glean about student learning from listening to the students and for what would you still need a paper-and-pencil assessment?) This reflection should include specific examples of questions/moves that either successfully or unsuccessfully elicited assessment information during the video lessons (see B above).
    • Wherever appropriate, you should also make some connections to content from this online course. You may connect to the articles from this unit or to any resources or ideas from prior units.
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