course reflection

Please upload a written reflection that includes responses to these two questions:

    1. What is one important idea that you are taking away from this course? Identify at least 3 specific sources that contributed to your understanding/appreciation of that idea (readings, problem sets, discussions, etc.) and how. Be sure to include references, particularly to any readings.
    2. What is one impact you imagine this course will have on your instructional practice? Be specific about the change you plan to make or the idea you plan to try and your rationale for doing so.

You do not need to write an introduction or conclusion section. You also do not need to copy the questions above into your essay. Just use the following two headings to delineate the sections:

Important Course Idea

Impact on Practice

NOTE: It’s Ok if the important idea you wrote about in section 1 shows up in section 2. Just be sure to separate your conceptualization of that idea (part 1) and your enactment of that idea in practice (part 2).

There is no minimum or maximum length requirement, but 3-5 double-spaced pages (1” margins, 12-point font) not including references is probably a reasonable expectation.


sources from the course are attached

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purpose of mathematics discussion

read the attached article and respond to the following prompt :


Prompt 4: What adjustments could be made to high school geometry to better align with these purposes?

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module 6 closure discussion

Comment on the following prompt : 

How does the role of intuition and conjectures apply to your future and current classroom? How are you thinking about the role of proof/justification? 

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magic 7 discussion

please respond to a classmates post.


Post # 1 

I think what resonated with me about both activities was that exploring the activity further enabled me to see more patterns and reveal more information about the problems. In the Magic 7 activity, I could feel that there was a pattern at first, but I couldn’t quite recognize it at first. It wasn’t until around 10 circles when I realized what the pattern was. However, with the points on a circle activity, it was a different type of realization. I saw a pattern that turned out to not be true as the problem expanded. When we got to 6 dots on the side of the circle, the pattern fell through. This was very disappointing. This does show that certain proofs or ideas need to be proven to be correct before assumed correct. And on the flip side, patterns and conjectures may eventually be realized if more information is presented.



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