Discourse Reflection

This reflection is intended to be an opportunity for processing and responding to your discourse reading. You have two options for the reading: JacobsEmpson_2016ZDM_Elementary-teachermoves.pdf Download JacobsEmpson_2016ZDM_Elementary-teachermoves.pdfor CirilloEtAl_2014APME_Secondary-discoursemoves.pdf Download CirilloEtAl_2014APME_Secondary-discoursemoves.pdf.

  • The articles both present several categories of teacher moves. The authors’ focus was not explicitly on assessment, but what connections do you see to ideas of assessing what students know or can do? Are particular moves more connected to assessment than others?
  • Recognizing that any piece of writing is inherently limited, what critiques, clarifications, or extensions do you have to ideas presented in the articles?
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